Why do I love google plus?

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Why do I love google plus?

Good question!
I've been using google plus since the very early days.
I was kindly sent an invite and within minutes I could see something special had just happened.
There seemed to be a stream of interesting conversations and interchanges going on.
So many people relishing their ease of contact.
People really excited about their subjects, passionate about their science, eager to show you their creations, their art, their drawings, their photography, sharing their discoveries with you.
Ok and their cat pictures and gifs and all the rest. Not for long though.
It was so easy to filter out the unwanted posts and welcome in the interesting, erudite, brave or witty, the ridiculously, deliciously geeky, the downright peculiar.

But the generosity, the willingness to share a passion, a knowledge, that really blew me away.

Why is google plus so good for artists?

There is very little in the way.
There are very few frills or gimmicks, no fancy coding (that we can see or use!), no html, no exclusive skill needs.
You have very few tools.
You cannot escape the need to create engaging content.
Content that will engage with a discerning, informed and wildly diverse community.
A community that you can create or join.

You have the opportunity to create your own artistic context, or revel in the audacity of those who have already realised the fabulous opportunity that you have to communicate globally, instantly.

Photos, images, drag them on, easy, they look incredible.
Showing your artwork to a huge audience has never been easier.
Create stunning flowing, totally gorgeous albums that you can edit and organise in so many ways.

I'm an artist, illustrator, author, designer, all sorts of things, I fit into many categories and none.
Where else could I show my work, to so diverse an audience?

What have I done on google plus?

In the last 18 months I have had an amazing time meeting scientists, artists, techies, musicians, coders, doctors, geeks, polymaths, curious folk all.
All the people I ever wanted to meet, the people I never knew I wanted to meet, the people whose passions and interests would buffet me and bewilder me, intrigue and engage me.

That provoked a response, an outpouring of images and ideas, a wild ride of new thoughts.
I have been creating content as part of this google plus experience and it has been great fun!

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