How to Draw Dinosaur Roar!

The Guardian very kindly asked me to create a slideshow of images showing How to Draw a Dinosaur!
More precisely, How to Draw Dinosaur Roar! So, I did! Click on the Google Drive Presentation below to see it...

So here is a step by step guide on how to draw a dinosaur. 

Of course this is just my way of drawing dinosaurs. There are thousands of ways of drawing dinosaurs and in my travels around the country to author events, dinosaur drawing and pop up workshops, I see all manner of fabulous creations from children of all ages and abilities.

I start with a pencil and a few rough shapes before progressing on to more details and eventually coloured inks. I usually have a look at some 'real' dinosaur pictures, or visit my favourite Dinosaur Museum, The Natural History Museum in London.

Click settings on the slideshow above to download this How to Draw as a pdf or powerpoint presentation.

Send in your Dinosaur Drawings!

But I'm sure that you, your children or your class could do better than me!
So please send your Dinosaur Drawings to The Guardian to feature in their children's book gallery.
Follow the link on the original The Guardian How to Draw... Dinosaur Roar! article.

All children are hard wired to be dinosaur experts and so they all have amazing ideas about what they look like. I see the best dinosaur drawings!
Sometimes you can see children working through their fears through their dinosaur creations.
I always encourage the children to do it their way, be it silly, serious, scary or hairy, roary or clawy, spikey or lumpy, happy or sad. I see a great many Mumosaurus or Dadosaurus and a great many brother and sisterosauruses, usually being gobbled up!

Gobble, Gobble, Nibble, Nibble, Munch, Munch, Scrunch!

If you would like me to come and give a Dinosaur Roar Drawing Workshop in your school, library or children's or book festival, please visit my Author Events, Dinosaur Drawing and Pop Up Workshops page on my website.

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how to draw a dinosaur, dinosaur roar, dinosaurs, kids dinosaurs,

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