Great Review of Dinosaur Roar! by The Times

The Times Reviews Dinosaur Roar!

The first review of the 20th Anniversary Edition of the bestselling children's dinosaur book, Dinosaur Roar! is in and it's a cracker!
A wonderful surprise in The Times yesterday, made my day!

"It’s the 20th anniversary of Dinosaur Roar, the picture-book giant for small children which has been reissued for the occasion. “Dinosaur sweet, dinosaur grumpy, dinosaur spiky, dinosaur lumpy” — it still puts a lump in your throat. In a handful of words and 24 pages of fabulous drawings, the authors convey a crucial message to small kids and big ones: different folks can get along, and even eat tea together without fighting. They should have handed it out at the peace talks in Geneva. With its satisfying onomatopoeia and scope for silly voices, it’s one of my favourite books ever to read out loud" 
by Alex O’Connell

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The brand new 20th anniversary edition of Dinosaur Roar! will be published as part of a whole new world of Dinosaur Roar!
Exciting, I've been looking forward to this for so long, so much hard work from the team behind the scenes. It's been an amzing book to take out to all the thousands of children I have met over the last 20 years. Kids are hard-wired for Dinosaurs!
If you are interested in a Paul Stickland Dinosaur Roar! Event or Workshop at your school, library or festival, just contact me on the page below, they're great fun!

Here's the book...

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"This is a delightful book, and a firm favourite with pre-schoolers. The glorious illustrations encourage comment and observation, while the rhythm of the text soon has children chanting along..." THE INDEPENDENT

DINOSAUR ROAR! was listed third in the top 10 dinosaur books by the Daily Telegraph who added ..."A lovely rhythmic poem that small children love to recite." DAILY TELEGRAPH

"...hugely successful. Based on opposites, the rhyming text has a great swinging rhythm, and the pictures are great too, with some nice visual jokes." PRACTICAL PARENTING MAGAZINE

"Here, the most expressive of dinosaurs introduce very young children to the idea of opposites. Wonderful illustrations and a text full of rhyme and rhythm, make this a book to revisit endlessly." BOOKSTART MAGAZINE

"If you only put one book in their Christmas stocking, make it DINOSAUR ROAR!, an exquisitely illustrated and highly entertaining picture book." GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

"This board book version of the highly successful picture book introduces opposites. Spectacular, brightly coloured dinosaurs of every shape and size roar and squeak... Dinosaurs are endlessly fascinating to children, this lovely book will encourage even younger fans." THE GOOD BOOK GUIDE

"These dinosaurs, as colorfully and cleverly conceived by the Sticklands (The Christmas Bear, 1993), are huge but meek, tiny but fierce, clean but awfully prim, slovenly but affectionate. A "sweet'' dinosaur tries to coyly "hide'' behind a tree thinner than its arm; a "fat'' dinosaur lounges with a palm tree between its fingers, about to chew it as if it were a blade of grass; in a primordial dinner scene, herbivores and carnivores alike look on in bemused astonishment as one strange creature, passing up both the foliage and the bones that are politely being consumed all around, feasts on the "h'' in "scrunch!'' Crafty details like these transform what might otherwise be just another look at the oldest cast of characters in children's literature into a visual extravaganza. (Book-of-the-Month Club main selection)"  KIRKUS

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