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Dinosaur Roar is 20!

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this bestselling children's dinosaur picture book, here are the new paperback and hardback editions of Dinosaur Roar! in association with the wonderful Natural History Museum in London!
The best place to buy Dinosaur Roar! is at your local independent bookshop but if you can't get to one, the links below will take you to Amazon UK.

Buy Dinosaur Roar - Paperback Edition

Buy Dinosaur Roar - Hardback Edition

As for The Natural History Museum... I think that my many visits to The Natural History Nuseum are what sparked off my interest in dinosaurs and all of natural life on this planet. I would be taken up there in my school holidays by my elderly Aunt Ida, who delighted in showing me all the wonders of the museum. Little did I know that many years later, I would become an author and illustrator and that my books would be published in association with this wonderful museum. I am truly honoured.

Dinosaur Roar now has a brand new website which will soon to be full of wonderful activities and crafts for preschool dinosaur lovers!

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